YaWowy Collaboration Module

Coordination across internal teams, external partners, and outside vendors requires the right system for collaboration and organization. Introducing YaWowy. A powerful software platform that lets your marketing team work faster, collaborate smarter and centralize all assets under one platform.


YaWowy integrated platform guides communication, project collaboration and asset management between marketers, creative teams, clients and agencies on the same platform. It allows you to handle multiple projects each with its own team, tasks, discussion board and assets. Pull in the right people either from across your organization or bring in external team members.

Marketing Request Forms & Tracking

Instantly build your own request forms to fit your needs and track the requests with custom workflows.

Integrated Marketing Calendar

YaWowy Integrated Marketing Calendar gives marketers the ability to quickly launch campaigns, efficiently plan & coordinate activities, assign tasks, set milestones, track goals and progress and share updates with project stakeholders.

Multiple File Formats

DigitalAssetRack supports all common file formats. You can store images, videos, documents, presentations, audio files, marketing materials, brand assets, and much more. DigitalAssetRack provides ability to preview images, videos, PDF documents, and many other formats.

Basic and Advanced Search

Quickly find what you are looking for with basic keyword search. Enhanced and advanced search allows you to quickly find assets you are looking for by asset name, keyword, and some of the meta data fields.

Sharing & Publishing

Avoid any hassles of limitations on FTP, shared drives, e-mail attachments and sharing services. Digital Asset Rack allows you to share your assets in several ways,

  • Direct Links
  • Download Links
  • Common Collection or Group
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Social Sharing
  • Web Publishing

Access Control

All your assets are stored securely on cloud, role and group based permissions allow you to manage enhanced asset authorization. Simply decide who can access what and set the permissions once and let the system handle so you can take full control of un-authorized accesses.

Version Control

Ensure everyone in the organization access latest and greatest versions of logos, images, documents, videos and more. YaWowy maintains the history of all the document versions, you can access older versions from the history and restore at any point of time. Add comments to different versions and track edit cycles to improve how creative projects are managed.

Folder Tree for Easy Navigation

Manage your assets easily at any levels using the tree structure, and intuitive toolbar. Add folders or assets at any level just by expanding the branches to a desired level. Organize your assets just by using drag and drop functionality, it is an easy way to browse and navigate assets faster.

Media Streaming Support

Store all your media files at a central repository and view, manage or share or access from anywhere and anytime. YaWowy provides everything you need to control, host and deliver great media to your audience.

Access Requests

Set download limitations on assets based on the user role or by the access groups. Users can still send request to administrator with a note explaining why they need access to specific asset. Administrator can grant specific access directly from the access requests queue.

Share a collection or group of assets

Share multiple assets at a time by sharing the group or library itself. Create any group and add all the assets you want to share and simply copy the group link to share.

Social Sharing

From YaWowy quickly share assets in few clicks across many social network outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Know where all your marketing collateral re-purpose images that received most likes or shares.