YaWowy Create Module

Control Brand Integrity while enabling local store customization, Build and manage creative templates, Manage all your Vendors, Supports Adobe In-Design, Collaboration between team, Approval Process, Integrated e-commerce for order placement.

Local Store Marketing

Manage the brand integrity at the corporate level while allowing the local stores to build the ads using corporate approved assets and customize the ads based on their local marketing needs.

Ad Builder

Leverage on the creative and marketing collateral that you already have to build new creative ads to any distribution channels like email, direct mail, or social media and customize and preview online.

Marketing Strategy & Plans

Build your marketing strategy, plans and programs dynamically and allow your sales team, franchise or corporate stores to utilize and run campaigns effectively to boost the sales.

Asset Library

Store everything you have built securely on the cloud, organize and reuse to build any new Ads. Store custom coupons, address panels, paper inserts, magnets, door hangers, brochures, and more.

Downloadable Prints

For all your urgent needs, chose or build any marketing material, customize and quickly download to a flash drive or email to print at your convenient print shops around the corner.

Vendor Management

Bring all your existing print vendors to one place and manage efficiently, send print orders directly to your favorite vendors with split orders. Build a competition and save money on all your print needs.

Print Marketplace

A comprehensive marketplace that connects your business to franchisee owners, designers, print vendors, and consumers. Be more productive with collaboration utilities and tracking.